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Abby brought up a good point just now. I thought I'd document. People commenting on your eating habits. With their sophisticated sarcasm...."oooh....you better not eat thaaaaat.....thats faaatttttening...." the dreaded "fat" word. You feel like screaming at them, "Shut up!!! I know what makes me fat, I've been studying it, crunching numbers in my head, weighing myself obsessively...-- you don't know anything!"

Dumbasses. They have no idea what makes you fat. They're the ones who believe anything fat free will keep them from getting fat. They're the ones who eat endless carbs and high density shite. They're the ones who make fun of people who "eat like birds" because they are insecure about the huge amounts they eat themselves.

I wish people would just shut up and leave people with weird eating habits, or weird weights, or whatever the hell alone. So sorry you don't have the willpower to lose what you're miserable with....don't criticize the way I lose my misery. If you are happy with your weight, good. I'm happy you're happy. But IIIIII don't want to be fat, so leave me alone. I don't care if you're fat. But I don't want MEEEEEEEE to be fat. So leave me alone.

so leave me alone.

the end.


Ah yes! I hate my fucking co-workers @ times. I was licking the sugar off a mini doughnut the other night and this chubby woman says, "That's the most fattening part!" WHatEVER FAT ASS! Leave me the FUCK alone. I opened up my container of rice and beans (150 cals) and this greezy man @ work says, "That looks high in calories. "Uh no, 150. I know better." I mean really fuck off. I want to be skinny and have learned how to get there. Sooo.. LEAVE THE SHIT ALONE. I ate chocolate today. I ata pop corn and some chips. BUT I had ony 410 calories for the whole day. I had to go to fast food last night w/ 3 people. I had chicken fingers and fries. I "shared the fries w/ all (aka: I ate 2) and discretely put peiced of the chicken in a napkin in my lap so I only really ate 2 fingers. I was so good @ this that the other "dissorded eater" person who was sitting right next to me didn't even notice. I know what the fuck I'm doing. My co-workers talk about how I eat all the time; about how I'll not loose weight if I eat that! Dumb fuckers. You have no clue! I finally broke the 140 barier. I weighed on a Dr."s scale today 139!! Exactly 20 Lbs since January. So.. don't fuck w/ me about the way I eat! That's right Erin and other people who understand us, those fool always end-up eating their words when there size 2000000s are too tight while I was lickikng sugar and they were chowing on tons of their "low-fat" shit.
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